Nota Introduces an Automatic AI Model Compression Platform NetsPresso At CES 2021

  • Date 2021.01.07

Participates in “CES 2021” for two consecutive years
Releases the automatic AI Model compression platform and Vision AI solutions

Nota, on-device AI solution startup, announced that it would participate in the world’s largest IT and home appliance exhibition “CES 2021” from January 11th to 14th (U.S. local time).

This “CES 2021” will be held as a full online exhibition in the aftermath of COVID-19. Nota, participating in CES for two consecutive years, will present the automatic AI model compression platform “NetsPresso” at its online booth.

NetsPresso, Nota's core technology, maximizes the AI model compression rate and minimizes any performance loss.

Unlike traditional compression methods, which are time consuming and costly, NetsPresso is the automated platform which allows you to create compressed AI models in a short period of the time, without the need for AI experts. In addition, it optimizes an AI model for each device yet minimizes performance degradation relative to the compression rate. Also, through NetsPresso, you can reduce product/service development and maintenance costs by more than 80%.

Furthermore, Nota will present its own inventory management solution (IMS) and access control solution based on on-device face recognition. 

The access control solution based on on-device face recognition enables access control and management in various spaces such as offices and construction sites regardless of network availability. The inventory management solution refers to a solution that compresses real-time object recognition and classification models to track the status of products displayed in stores to manage efficiently.

Based on these technological advancements, Nota successfully raised a Series A investment in August 2020 and secured a cumulative investment of 10 billion KRW. In particular, for the first time, Nota received strategic investments simultaneously from Samsung Group and LG Group. Nota aims to launch its NetsPresso in early 2021 to provide various compression solutions optimised for each industry.

Nota said, “We are a bit apprehended that CES will be held online for the first time in history, but we are working hard to showcase Nota’s technology and solutions by taking full advantages of what the online exhibition can uniquely offer.”, and also, “We are looking forward to expanding our business channels and establishing relationships with global partners in various industries.”

Meanwhile, you can learn more about Nota’s solutions and demonstration videos at CES 2021 official website (
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