Nota Signs an MoU With Musma For The Development Of The AI-based Construction Site Management Platform

  • Date 2021.01.28

- Co-development of Intelligent Vision Solution for a construction industry, based on On-device AI technology
- Improved competitiveness for Musma’s Construction Site Management Platform and a meaningful step for Nota to expand its business to the construction-related market

On 28th, Musma and Nota announced that they had signed an MOU to develop an Innovative Construction Site Management Platform using Nota’s On-device AI technology.

This agreement enables the two companies to share AI & data-related trends regarding construction sites, explore future directions of the industry and develop AI-based Intelligent Vision Solution jointly for the construction industry.

Nota provides an On-device AI solution based on its deep learning model compression technology. Its AI model compression technology combined with the Construction Site Management Platform of Musma enables seamless construction site management service even in poor network connections. Also, it provides cost-efficiency as it lowers the server cost significantly.

Musma aims to strengthen its market presence in the construction site monitoring industry by utilizing this technology and improve its service utilization on overseas sites with poor network connections. As for Nota, this agreement is a significant milestone as the coverage of its deep learning model design and lightweight technology expands to the construction industry.

By collaborating with various Smart Construction Technology sectors, Musma plans to showcase the Construction Site Management Platform that can be utilized at all construction phases, from designing, building to maintenance. The unified management system for each process will help eliminate the deep-seated problem, data silos and establish a new ecosystem. 

Sung-il Shin (CEO of Musma) said, “This agreement creates a huge synergy by combining Nota’s superior AI technology and its commercialization experience with the business capacity of Musma in the construction industry and its integrated Construction Site Management System.” He also said that “I believe that we will play a pivotal role in establishing a new ecosystem for Smart Construction Market in collaboration with other innovative start-ups.”

Also, Myung-su Chae (CEO of Nota) said, “Collaboration with Musma that possesses superior technical skills in the construction industry will be an ample opportunity for Nota’s On-device AI to expand its coverage beyond the existing markets including retail and mobility to the construction industry.” 
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