[AI Expo 2021] Nota Showcases Automatic AI Model Compression Platform “NetsPresso” At AI EXPO KOREA

  • Date 2021.03.22

- Nota Presents NetsPresso, An Automatic AI Model Compression Platform, Facial Recognition solutions, And ITS Solutions Based On Nota’s Compression Technology.

On-device AI solution company Nota participates in “AI EXPO KOREA 2021” (Wed, March 24 – Fri, March 26) to demonstrate “NetsPresso,” Automatic AI model compression platform.

NetsPresso is an Automatic AI model compression platform that effectively converts an existing AI model with a complicated neural network into a compressed model. Unlike the traditional AI model compression process, which requires significant time and cost, NetsPresso is a 100% automated process that creates a compressed AI model in a short period without a specialist engineer. It also provides a compressed AI model optimized for the target device, keeping the same accuracy as the original AI model while maximizing the compression rate.

Nota also showcases the “Face Recognition (Nota FR)” and “Intelligent Transportation System (Nota ITS).” Nota FR is the solution that grafts compression technology. And Nota FR can recognize and authenticate up to 10,000 people on the edge terminals. It shows a superior recognition rate even if the person is wearing a mask or other equipment, making this solution suitable for various situations such as entry check, membership approval, etc.

Nota ITS is a traffic analysis solution that utilizes a compressed AI model. It analyzes the real-time traffic data, provides traffic light controls, and enhances traffic flow speed. Nota ITS has succeeded in the “Pyeongtaek City Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solution pilot project.” It improved the traffic flow speed of congestion sections by a maximum of 321% compared to before the solution implementation.

Nota, which attracted strategic investment from both Samsung and LG (first in Korea), has achieved 100 million Korean won Series A investment. With its compression technology, Nota is currently progressing multiple projects with global corporations in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, and mobility. With the launch of NetsPresso by the end of this year, Nota plans to provide multiple AI solutions tailored for each industry. 

Meanwhile, Nota will establish a partnership with leaders of various industries and expand their business areas at AI EXPO KOREA 2021 with superior technology and solutions. NetsPresso, Nota FR, and Nota ITS solution will be available at the COEX Hall B, booth C30 during the AI EXPO KOREA 2021.
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